The RunDown

Carter Yocham Media has worked with surgeons and created a video solution to replace time spent explaining the process of surgery to patients. We will partner to create a series of short (5-8 minute) videos that explain the full process of surgery, from pre-op to recovery. With these videos, you’ll be able to eliminate time explaining, and re-explaining your practices’ surgery process. You’ll have access to keep these videos on your website so patients can access them if they need the information again. This proposal represents the work and budget needed to complete 5 videos.

Video Goals

  1. Create timeless, cohesive, visually engaging videos.

  2. Provide a long-term solution.

  3. Deliver information that reinforces other documents.

Our Goals

  1. Work with your practice and develop a creative storyline for videos.

  2. Use modern practices, equipment, and animation to provide a visually stunning product.

  3. Deliver products within a 6 week timeline.


The deliverables

Carter Yocham Media will develop, film, and edit a series of 5 videos to be delivered on or before the 6th week following filming.


2 Weeks

  • Story Development

  • Logistics

  • Writing

  • Storyboard

  • Shot Lists



3 Days

  • Video Capture

  • Audio Capture



6 Weeks

  • File Transfer + Organization

  • Video Editing

  • Color Correction

  • Color Grading

  • Audio Engineering

  • Animation/Motion Graphics

  • Revisions (2 rounds)

  • Final Delivery


Carter Yocham Media prepares a proposal and budget for the project discussed. The Proposal includes information about the project, deliverables, CYM's process, and the project estimate.


Once we agree on a scope of work, CYM will draft up a contract for you to sign before any work begins. Remember to take your time. 


Once we have the contract signed and back in our hands, we'll send you your invoice. We don't require the full payment upfront, but we do ask for 50% down. We know we're asking you to invest a lot in us, thank you. Your high level of investment gives us motivation to repay you with a high level of investment in your project. Our aim is to give you the time and quality product you deserve. 


We've made it! The team has assembled and we're ready to bring your project to life. Your involvement is crucial in this step and we want to make sure you have a great experience. You have permission to ask questions, give suggestions, and even shoot a scene if you want. Remember this covers everything from pre-production to post-production and revisions; this will be the longest part of the process. Please keep in mind that we'll want to stay away from changing the project outline, deliverables, or production schedule. This can result in delayed delivery, increased pricing, and a lot of unnecessary stress! 


Are you ready? We're done with the project and you have a product ready to deploy! WOOHOO! You'll be sent an updated invoice with the remainder of your balance displayed. Once we receive the final payment (or confirmation of payment) it's all yours! We can deliver your project via a file transfer service or deliver a hard drive with the contents. 

The truth.

We're excited you've made it to this step. We hope you have all the information you need to make a confident decision. Carter Yocham Media appreciates you and we hope you decide to invest in us. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 


  • Concept

  • Scripting / Storyboarding

  • Logistics


  • Video Editing

  • Audio Mixing

  • Color Grading / Correction

  • Graphics / Music

  • Delivery


  • Video Capture

  • Audio Capture

  • Production Equipment

  • Production Crew

  • Crew Meals

Total $25,000


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