Skinny Dipper Hot Springs!

About a week ago (Ryan you're welcome), some friends of mine and I drove about 1 hour north of Boise, ID to retreat to a heavily traveled hot springs called "Skinny Dipper". Now you might be thinking "Why would someone name it Skinny Dipper?". I would have to answer "Find out for yourself!"

There are several hot springs in Idaho that are kept up by the locals, and many more 100% natural hot springs that can be visited as well. In fact, according to "Idaho has the most usable hot springs pools in the nation, with approximately 130 ‘soakable’ out of 340." This means 130 out of 340 are at a temperature bearable for the human skin! Although I think most women would add a few more degrees of heat to the highest 'soakable' tempurature ;)

If you have the chance to go visit any of the hot springs in Idaho, the suggested items for an absolutely amazing trip are as follows:


bathing suit (optional)



and finally all the friends you can drag along with you! 

The winter months are fantastic for winter sports here in Idaho. You can visit any of the 18 Ski Resorts located all throughout Idaho. (Find a list of skiing options here) After a long day of skiing, take yourself over to one of the 130 'soakable' hot springs and enjoy a nice relaxing evening cooling down (or heating up)!

Pictured is the North Fork of the Payette river.