Sky Diving

Brooke StMarie Skydiving

I had three friends go skydiving with me at SkyDown SkydivingIT WAS SO FUN! These were some new friends and they were absolutely stoked on getting to go skydiving which made it all the more a blessing to be able to go with them! Along with the thrill of a life long "Bucket List" item that was about to be checked off, my friends over at SkyDown threw in a great discount. Ryan, Stefan and Brooke all had a blast. I'm grateful I was a part of their first skydiving experience!

Here are some photos from our day at the dropzone. The weather was absolutely amazing, the jumps were so fun and we all made it home safely! If you are thinking skydiving is something you want to do sometime in your life, DO IT! You have never known such an adrenaline rush mixed with an insane amount of peace. You'll be so entangled in the moment that your life's worries, struggles, pain, heartaches and difficulties will be left behind in the plane. For a moment you'll be free.